Acoustic Engineering Sessions live at last!

We have been so pleased to get back into schools doing what we do best – delivering super-engaging hands-on STEM sessions. 

With support from the Institutions of Engineering and Technology and Mechanical Engineers, we have worked with 180 Year 5 & 6 to learn about Acoustic Engineering.

The series of sessions available to Primary schools in Crewe, Winsford and Northwich provide a brief introduction to acoustics, acoustic engineering and the Royal Academy’s Engineering Habits of Mind.  

Children then move on to learn how to program the Crumble Microcontroller and a servo motor to strike or shake an instrument.  They make links with engineering by making something work and then making something work better.  Making links with Acoustic Engineering, children assess whether their robotic orchestra made Sound that brings pleasure or Noise that may irritate and leave us feeling stressed!

During the session, we highlight the vast array of jobs that involve acoustic engineering as well as breaking stereotypes of what an engineer does and their gender.

Take a look at the photos and feedback below from these early sessions in four schools.  Listen to the video clips and you can judge for yourself if they made sound or noise!

If you’d like to discuss how we can work with you as a partner or come and deliver at your school drop us a line.



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