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Welcome to this Crumble Hydroponics course in collaboration with Harper Adams University and Higher Horizons+

This course has been designed to make use of the Crumble Hydroponics Kit.  This has been posted to you.

Crumble Hydroponics Online


What is Crumble and why do we use it?

The Crumble is an easy-to-use programmable micro-controller.  Using the Crumble controller we learn about computational approaches using simple block-based programming.  Using physical components makes the learning more real – seeing something you have wired up and programmed come to life. 
Many machines use microcontrollers and this is a great start to understand how they are used and where they can be embedded.


About the Crumble Hydroponics Course

  • On this course you will learn about hydroponic cultivation and its benefits
  • You will learn to program the Crumble microcontroller to control lights, colour and also a submersible pump to make sure your plants remain hydrated.
  • You will engineer a range of systems to investigate seedling gowth and record findings based on light wavelength as well as different  hydroponic approaches
  • Support will be available by email: contact@skillsupply.co.uk
  • Remember to share your progress on Instagram with the Harper Adams University team who are taking the course at the same time as you!
  • To start the course click on the first lesson under Course Content below “Introduction to Hydroponics”.
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