Drones and the Rule of Law

As the UK’s leading users of Drones in Education, we believe that responsible use of drones is vital.  Looking at the thousands of people impacted by the drones over Gatwick last night and this morning it is clear to see that a multi-pronged approach is called for.

Development of physical and electronic detection and disruption approaches are well underway.  Big players in drone manufacture, DJI,  already include geofencing to prevent users from getting close to sensitive areas such as airports.  The Civil Aviation Authority recently strengthened the Drone Code and from the 30th July 2018 the UK drone rules changed to make it against the law to fly above 400ft (120m) and to make it against the law to fly your drone within 1km of an airport or airfield boundary.

At Skill Supply we feel that there is an additional approach – Education.  As the UK’s leading users of drones in education we have worked with in excess of 3000 learners on a range of workshops including “Drones and The Rule of Law”.  All our work is conducted inside using appropriate safety netting using methods developed by us as a safe system of work.

Focussing on the CAA Drone Code we teach learners to program the Parrot Mambo drone to overcome challenges to stay within the law.  Many don’t even realise there are rules that govern what hobbyists can and cannot do with their drone.  By the end of the session, awareness is high and learners are ready to fly more responsibly.

Our sessions are delivered from an hour to a whole day workshops or as a “walk up and have a go” at open events attracting large numbers of visitors to our stands.
We are always keen to hear from industry partners to take our work with drones into schools, colleges, universities and public events.
If you would be keen to discuss our approaches please call us on 01270 748 415 or drop us a line by email