Easter 2017 Skill Clubs

We are really excited to be able to announce that Skill Clubs will be running at two locations in Cheshire this Easter!

We are back at The Link in Sandbach School for another season and New for 2017 at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.  Both locations offer great facilities and grounds to be able to provide fun and educational clubs indoors and outside.

For these sessions, we have kept our prices the same as Summer 16 and offer incredible value at less than £4 per hour!


Why do parents and children choose Skill Clubs?

Because they are fun and offer a great alternative to traditional holiday clubs.  If sport or craft is not your thing and you want to learn some brilliant new skills, then these are for you.  Children who come to our holiday clubs year after year often choose Skill Clubs over others they have experienced.

What clubs are running at Easter?

Over the Easter holidays, we will be teaching 7-12 year olds how to fly mini-drones, overcome challenges and send them into battle against opposing squadrons in Drone Wars!  

Skill clubbers will have the opportunity to develop First Aid Skills that will be invaluable and gain a certificate that has proven useful for cubs, brownies, guides and scouts too.

Teamwork runs through everything Skill Supply do to develop people of all ages.  Our active Team Challenge! sessions are always developing new activities to keep clubbers engaged all day.  Not sure you want to come for a full day, some of our sessions children can book on for a morning or afternoon.

We love spending time outside and the locations we have chosen have fantastic spaces we use to provide two special clubs – Outdoor Skills & Cooking as well as a Fun military Bootcamp!  The whole day is spent outside learning new skills and making new friends.

Sandbach School

Reaseheath College