Face to face, Online or Blended delivery?

Have it all in 2020-21?

At Skill Supply we have been looking at what we are able to offer to Key Stage 3 onwards whilst fully conscious of the challenges in a Covid environment.  Online, blended and as stand-alone, face to face workshops – here are some of our thoughts on how we can still deliver for you.

In-school / Onsite Workshops

A number of our workshops will work in a Covid-secure way with our equipment being easy to disinfect between groups or bubbles.  Alternatively, with some workshops kit will be left with the school for them to keep. 

We’ve looked at how we can use social distancing to deliver safely, have risk assessments in place and are already collaborating with schools to make it work for the benefit of students.  


See what we can deliver for you below.


Online Courses

Using our new learning management system, students can take courses at their own pace, rewind, fast-forward and make use of downloadable pdf content to support their progress.  We have ensured there are links to careers and further study information, advice and guidance (IAG).  See our post on how we can deliver online courses for you here.

Blended Sessions

Having taken a course online, we can visit with additional materials and content as well as challenges to engage students and bring learning to life even further.  Our blended approaches are risk assessed taking Covid into consideration. See our post on how we can deliver blended sessions for you here.

In-school / Onsite Workshops…

…using Sphero Robots

Science / Technology / Engineering / Maths / Coding / IAG

Programmable / driveable robots. Tablets and Robots can be cleaned with 70% Alcohol or Disinfectant between sessions. Sessions are from 1.5hr to half-day to a whole day.

Pathways to University covers the different routes to further study and some aspects of university life through learning how to code and take your robot on tour.  A super engaging and thought-provoking session.

Sphero Golf

Sphero Golf uses coding and the robot to navigate a golf course in the smallest number of “shots”.  Every time the program is run, a shot is counted.  Great links out to maths, teamwork and strategic thinking.

Chariot Build and Race uses the Sphero as the driving force for a chariot built by students to race around a course and navigate obstacles.  Engineering skills, planning, testing, refining and RACING are all part of the great learning that takes place.


Molecules to Medicines is a super IAG activity based on our massive experiences of the pharmaceutical industry and what it takes to bring a medicine to market for patients.  Using 5 x 2m race course students learn about the different stages of discover and development whilst having fun to see who can make it to market fastest!

…using Drones

Coding / Maths / Engineering / Geography / IAG and more

Programmable, super stable drones. Tablets can be cleaned with 70% Alcohol or Disinfectant between sessions. Drones are distanced from learners and staff through a netted safety screen.  Sessions are from 1.5hr to half-day to a whole day.

Drone Coding is massively engaging.  Seeing a drone that you have programmed, take off and complete a mission to overcome different challenges.  Linked to STEM, geography, agriculture, rule of law, further study and many more aspects, it’s a real student (and staff) pleaser.

drone coding

…using STIXX

Engineering / Civil Engineering/ D&T/ IAG and more

Using newspaper re-cycled by a special STIXX machine students are able to build super-strong structures.  We bring all the kit and leave it with you when we are done.  No need to disinfect between groups -materials are yours to keep at the end.  Sessions are from 2 hrs to half-day to a whole day.

Bridges holding over 40 Kg, Towers, and even Furniture construction allow for planning, building and testing in small groups.


…using Crumble

Computing / Engineering / Civil Engineering/ D&T/ Science / Maths / IAG and more

Using the Crumble and coding using our laptops students learn all about how different everyday objects have been engineered to be controlled using microcontrollers.   We bring all the components and computers needed. Sessions are from half-day to whole days.

Lights & Switches, Sensors and Servos and  Motors and Buggys, cover all aspects of wiring, coding, engineering, testing and fault finding and testing in small groups.

These sessions really engage students by seeing their work come to life in front of them as well as providing insight into the world around them an how things are engineered.

Crumble Coding


Did you know we often deliver funded sessions through the Office for Students Uni Connect programme?

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