Learner Spotlight

We have so many learners taking our Crumble Engineering courses, all doing great things.  One has shown great resilience and persevered to submit over 10 assignments.  We’d like to share them with you to provide some inspiration for your projects because they have really inspired us too.

Working through our courses on the Harper Adams University / Higher Horizons Hub programme learners discover how to programme the crumble microcontroller and engineer components into different builds or “makes” as we like to call them.

W started the first course just before Christmas and last week completed the fifth and final course late last week.

Take a look at the photos and video that include elements of the scientific investigations that W completed and interpreted as well as the different creative engineering makes – from an Astroid hitting the earth to an armoured vehicle and bunker.  They definitely used a range of Engineering habits from adapting and improving to creative problem solving and systems thinking.

W dropped us a line to say “I have now completed the [last] course and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience”


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