One week left before Skill Clubs 2018!

Have you booked yet?

Our Skill Clubs are proving as popular as ever.  With lots of new and exciting STEM activities available this year, we are booking up nicely!  Did you know we only take 20 children maximum per club?  We want each child to have lots of hands-on time to fully experience the day.

If you are still thinking of booking we would recommend doing it ASAP to avoid disappointment. You can book a Skill Club up until the night before but we cannot accept bookings on the day.

Click here for the timetable and booking system

Do you have questions?

Here are answers to some of the FAQ’s we get at Skill Clubs…

Can my 6/7/13 year old come to the club?

We open Skill Clubs to 8 to 12 year olds only, as children have to be over 8 for us to comply with OFSTED.  More importantly, we feel this is a good age range that work together well.  Widening the age range would make the gap too wide for us to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the day.  We have had lots of enquiries about young teenagers this year so we may try to offer some sessions for this age group in the future.

Is it just for primary children, will my 12 year-old enjoy it? 

We design Skill Clubs to be right for the full age range that we take.  We differentiate the activities so that younger, less able, children can engage with the activity alongside those who are older, or more experienced.  We work with ages 5 to 65 outside of Skill Clubs so know how to engage all age groups.

My child is coming on their own and they are worried about making friends…

We have been running Skill Clubs for 5 years now and each year we have a large amount of children who come by themselves. In every case, they make friends, have fun and often book more sessions that year or the next.  We aim to create a welcoming safe, environment for children to learn, explore and enjoy.  We welcome parents into the clubs at the beginning and end of the day so you can see what they are doing, to reassure yourselves that they are OK (as parents ourselves we know who worries the most!).

My child has a disability / behavioural issues, can they still come?

We welcome all children between 8 and 12 and we love to know all about them before they start as we can then help them to access the activities as much as possible.  What we do say is that we have up to 20 children in our care at anyone time so cannot provide 1 to 1 support all day.  We have lots of children with differing needs that book with us year after year so we like to think we are good at including everyone in our clubs.  However, we are not experts in SEN so welcome a conversation with parents/carers if they feel concerned about how their child will cope at Skill Clubs or have any helpful tips for us!

What we are clear about is that we have responsibility for the safety and enjoyment of all the children present at Skill Clubs. If we feel that a child is affecting the enjoyment of the rest of the group, for whatever reason we reserve the right to exclude that child.  We would obviously discuss this with the child and their parents/carers beforehand to see if the situation could be resolved in another way. Exclusion would only be used as a last resort as per our terms and conditions.

What are the hours you offer?

Our standard day is 9 am to 4 pm but we offer an early drop from 8:30 am and a late pick up until 5 pm.

How do I book?

Booking is all online –  Click here for the timetable and booking system

What discounts do you offer for groups or siblings?

If you book 5 or more sessions you will receive a 5% discount at the checkout.  If you are booking for siblings you can also receive a 5% discount by using the code SIBLING.

Can I pay with childcare vouchers?

We are now registered to accept Childcare vouchers with, Edenred, Care4, Fidelti, RGChildcare, and are being processed by Computershare and Sodexo.
If you would like to use vouchers and your provider is not listed here, just let us know and we can start the process.
(If you don’t use vouchers you can still pay with credit or debit cards or via BACs payment on our booking system).

I still have some questions…

Feel free to contact us by email or call 01270 748415 or Liz on 07972 759035

Hope that helps and we see you soon at Skill Clubs!