Skill Clubs at MDS Global


Are you fed-up of the usual holiday clubs?

Want something different to sports or crafts?   

You need Skill Clubs at MDS Global!

From Coding Drones, Spheros and Crumbles, to  Engineering and fun Lab Science we offer a wide range of Skill Clubs to keep your children learning while having fun! (It is their holidays after all!)


What are Skill Clubs?

Skill Clubs are all based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Everyday has a different theme and we keep you busy all day with activities.

Kids info…

  • A place to learn some new skills, meet new friends and enjoy yourself in a safe, friendly atmosphere. 
  • Every day is different whether you have done the activity before or not.
  • There is no pressure to achieve, just do what you can, it’s your holidays after all!
  • You can come for a day, or three! it’s entirely up to you.
  • Bring your coat and your sun cream (it is Britain after all!), a water bottle and a packed lunch and enjoy!
  • Oh, and make sure you ask lots of questions (if you want to) as that’s what all good scientists and engineers do!


Parent’s info…

  • The clubs are designed by scientists and educators for this age group.
  • They are well-structured, there is something to do all day including regular breaks inside & outside.
  • All our staff are recruited using our safer recruitment policy, they are insured and have a current enhanced DBS check.
  • The activities are risk assessed and at least one member of staff on site is First Aid trained.
  • We provide water, snacks (biscuits and fruit) at break times but ask that the children bring a water bottle and a packed lunch.
  • If you have any questions please drop us a line at contact@skillsupply.co.uk

Prices are £28 per day 9 am – 4.30 pm and your first three bookings completely subsidised by MDS Global.  You can book from one day to everyday its up to you!

Click on the boxes below to see the sort of things we get up to in each club…

What’s on for Summer 2019?

We are delivering at your site for 6-days.  

For children aged 8-13 years old:

Tue 13 August 2019 Crumble Coding & Making
Wed 14 August 2019 Sphero Coding & Engineering
Thu 15 August 2019 Drone Coding – Engineering

For children aged 5-8 years old:

Tue 20 August 2019 Science of us
Wed 21 August 2019 Engineering – Create and Build
Thu 22 August 2019 Sphero Robots



We have a new booking system which you can register and book on below.

There is also an App so you can now book from your phone!

(You will need to register with the link above before you can login).


Feedback from Skill Clubs Parents & Children…