Skill Clubs ONLINE and Childcare Vouchers!

We have been in touch with Childcare Voucher providers to see if parents can use vouchers to pay for our Skill Club ONLINE courses and most of them have said yes!*

What are Skill Clubs ONLINE?

With Skill Clubs ONLINE, we send you the kit as well as access to our video course taking you through step by step how to code and engineer with the Crumble Microcontroller.  

You can fast-forward, pause or rewind as much as you like, plus there are code cards, downloads, quizzes, loads of examples of things to make and do and even certificates when your finished.  You can do the course as fast or as slow as you want and as it is ‘hands-on’ its much more interesting than most online courses!

There is lots of information about the courses, what they include and prices here. Or get in touch and we’ll happily chat to you about it.

To use childcare vouchers to pay for Skill Clubs ONLINE, just choose that option at the checkout.  We will send your kit and login once we have confirmation of the payment from your provider.

*Please note: three childcare voucher providers have said no to using their vouchers to pay for online courses and six have said yes.  Get in touch to find out more or contact your provider.


Call us on 01270 748415 for a no obligation chat or click on the button below to email.

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