After School Skill Clubs

After-School Skill Clubs Using STEM to develop amazing skills...

Skill Supply has been running STEM workshops and holiday clubs since 2014 with oodles of positive feedback (see below and here).  So why book our after-school clubs for your school
  • We design them for maximum hands-on activities for the students and with as little work for you as possible
  • They are designed by qualified scientists and teachers, are age-appropriate, risk assessed and all facilitators are insured, DBS-checked and fully trained.
  • They link to your Science, D&T, IT and Maths curriculum as well as introduce careers for the future.
  • We know that whilst doing STEM challenges you develop lots of other great skills such as team working, resilience and creativity.
  • We will come to your school and deliver an introduction assembly, create leaflets for distribution and undertake all booking, payments and enquiries.
  • We bring all the equipment, resources, even pencils!  All we need is an appropriate space and some pupils! (minimum and maximum numbers for each club do apply)
  • If we can support your school with our after-school Skill Clubs just get in touch.

Our After-School Skill Club Options…

Sphero Coding and Engineering 1 & 2

Learn how to code and drive these great robots to overcome a series of challenges, in these two different Skill Clubs

Crumble Coding 1 & 2

Using the crumble micro-controller learn how to code lights, motors, servos and buzzers. Develop your engineering skills with maker projects that you can then code to move or light up!

Drone Coding

Learn how to code and fly our fantastic drones to overcome our fun challenges. (please note this club requires hall space, at least one hour before the club starts)

Engineering with Cardboard and Paper

See how much you can design and engineer using paper and cardboard, how strong and useful can you make it?

Engineering - Buildings, Boats & Bridges

Learn how engineers think, work and build with lots of different materials and what is important to make sure they work!

Science - Lab Skills

Learn how real scientists carry out experiments and then try them yourself!

Science of Us - First Aid Skills

Learn this essential life skill taught in an age-appropriate way, with lots of activities and practice!

Science - Air Power

Why do things fly? Rockets, planes and airships, make and test them and more…

Info for schools and parents…

  • Skill Clubs are well-structured, with lots of hands-on learning, small class sizes and plenty of equipment.
  • All our staff are recruited using our safer recruitment policy, they are insured, have a current enhanced DBS check and are fully trained.
  • We are OFSTED registered as a company.
  • Booking and payment is online and for the half-term
  • If you have any questions please drop us a line at contact@skillsupply.co.uk

Need to book a place for your child?

If we are running a club at your child’s school you can book a place using this link. 

We do ask for a lot of info but this is to keep your child safe and is stored on the system once you have registered.  All information is kept by us in accordance with GDPR and our privacy policy which can be seen here.  

There is also an App so you can now book from your phone!
Did you know we run Holiday Skill Clubs too?  Open to all children aged 8 to 13 years*
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*(t&c’s apply)


Feedback from children and teachers about After-School Skill Clubs…