Coding Skill Clubs

Coding Skill Clubs

Coding Skill Clubs

Coding Skill Clubs

Coding Skill Clubs

Coding Skill Clubs

Amazing physical computing sessions – see your coding skills take off!

All our coding activities is based on coding physical objects such as Drones, Sphero Robots or electronic components with Crumble Coding.  The coding is block based (similar to Scratch), the main outcome being things happen in real life based on your code!

We use these engaging technologies to get learners to discover coding and develop a desire to learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) that goes into the things that we make and use for the good of the world.  While they are doing this they are developing other great skills such as team working, communication, resilience and problem solving.

Drone Coding 

Flying has captured peoples’ imagination for centuries.  Using drone technology we have harnessed this imagination and excitement in our learners to work better in teams.   The explosion in the use of Drones has been meteoric.  Skill Supply is the UK leading users of drones in education.   

With a block based coding system code our drones to follow your instructions to overcome the challenges we set you.  In a safe environment you will learn how drones work and where they are used in real life.

Drone Coding is definitely our most popular Skill Club to date, with children coming again and again to enjoy the flying!

Sphero Coding

The Sphero is an amazing robot, that can be coded, driven or made to follow a drawn pattern.  You can even use them in paint or water.

Engineer a chariot for it to pull around, or code it around a Mars maze, or even code it to play football or golf!  We have several themes for our Sphero Skill Clubs that are always a firm favourite.

Crumble Coding

Crumble Coding and engineering uses a microcontroller which attaches to physical components which you code to make them work.  We can code lights, buggies, musical instruments and much more on these hands-on engineering and coding days.


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