Skill Clubs ONLINE

The last few months have been very strange for us, not least because we couldn’t run our holiday and after-school Skill Clubs.  But we’ve still been busy – we’ve developed Skill Clubs ONLINE!

Our first online Skill Club is Crumble Coding and Engineering.  We have developed courses and guides that take you through step by step using the kit, the software and how to engineer your own creations, then bring them to life with code!  But we don’t just talk you through it we send you all the kit you need to take part.*


Why Crumble Coding and Engineering?

We have been working with this kit for 2 years now and love how it brings coding and engineering to life.  You get to learn how different components work, then engineer you own machines, make them work, then make them work better, just like engineers do.  

This Skill Club is suitable for 8 to 13 years+ but younger children may enjoy it if done with a parent or carer.

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What do you get?

  • Online videos and guides, made by us, to watch when you like.  No need to be online at a specific time, or on camera, you can just watch as much or as little as you like, as often as you like.
  • Safe online learning.  Our facilitators are all DBS-checked, experienced  educators and scientists.  There is no direct online access between facilitators and pupils as it is all prerecorded.  We are on hand via email if our support is needed, but we will copy a parent/guardian or another facilitator in on each email, to ensure safeguarding is maintained at all times.
  • All the kit so its not just screen time it is active and engaging STEM fun.   Each course should take a few days but the amount of time you can spend making and coding is endless.  We provide lots of ideas of things to do, but the only limit is your imagination as you get to keep the kit and access to the courses! 
  • Investigation of STEM and where its used in the world around us.  We link all the activities and components to real life so it helps to make sense of the machines, engineering and technology that we see everyday.
  • Skills for life.  STEM skills are great to have as they will always be needed more and more in the future.  Alongside these skills, our courses develop life skills such as resilience, problem-solving and creativity to name just a few.
  • Extras! Personalised certificates are available on each course when finished and there are optional extension tasks and lots of maker projects suggestions.  If you purchase the full course you also get a bonus course – ‘Code Detectives and Ultimate Makes’ and a discount of the overall price.

Skill Club ONLINE Course Options

Introduction Course and Starter Kit

Get started making and coding with Crumble with your Micro-controller, battery pack, crocodile leads, a switch, 2 sparkles and a buzzer!

Motors and Wheels Add-on Course and kit

Two motors and wheels to add to your kit and the online course to learn how to use them and get things moving!

Servos and Sensors Add-on Course and kit

Add a Servo, light sensor and ultrasonic sensor to your kit and move by degrees and autonomously!

All 3 Courses & Kit (includes discount & Bonus Course)

Buy all three courses and kit together and receive a free bonus course – ‘Code Detectives and Ultimate Makes’
Click on the courses above for more information, pricing and to buy.  Or feel free to drop us a line at

* users will require a laptop, PC, Macbook or Chromebook to take the course (this is not included in the price).  The Crumble software currently does not work on tablets or phones.  Full info on IT requirements are available in the course info above.