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Leadership Development

Leadership development to take people to the next level

Investing time and energy in any development programme is an important step to take.  Why not discuss your needs with us and see where we can support your journey?

Below is one case study from Prism Solutions who did just that with us.

Case Study – Prism Solutions

Prism Solutions are a Managed IT Service provider, delivering business IT support, cloud solutions, IT security and disposal services throughout the UK. 

Over eight months, senior leaders at Prism Solutions took time out to develop themselves and their team on our programme of work.  A significant investment of time that has already seen changes in the way they work as a team, with their direct reports and customers.

Every other month the cohort of Directors and Team Leaders from the IT Solutions provider took a day away from their desks and engaged in workshops and active learning sessions tailored specifically to their needs.

The mix of materials and activities was very well received and enhanced the learning.  The activities particularly were diverse and challenged the team to think and reflect on the impact on the wider Prism community.

Sessions were themed around key topics:

  • Day 1 – Teamwork, Feedback, Reviews and motivation
  • Day 2 – Communication Skills & Confidence
  • Day 3 – Collaboration & Followership, Leadership,
  • Day 4 –  Problem solving, decision making, personalities & conflict
  • Day 5 – Continuous improvement, behaviours and role modelling

Having time to practice the learning from the session and then share experiences of what had gone well, and where they might improve, provided confidence to the team to try even more techniques.

During the last session, we introduced some drone coding and STEM-related activities to engage around the continuous improvement topic.  as well as having to assimilate new information, develop new skills (using code to make the drone complete a challenge successfully) required lots of plan-do-check-act cycles.

This senior team found these really engaging and a fun way to highlight some lean principles.

Feedback From Prism

Drone coding and PDCA in Action


How would you describe the programme?


Thorough, Informative, Fun and Very Engaging.

Excellent content, Excellent presentation.

Entertaining, Enjoyable and very Useful.

How have you found the sessions with Dominic?

Delivered professionally and tailored thoughtfully.

Engaging, Informative, and a great learning experience.

Well Structured, Interactive, Fun.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the programme?

Practical exercise to prove/show the modules we have learned.  Seeing colleagues take away areas to improve.

Activities and putting skills into practice

Learning an array of new tactics, theories and methods to improve me as an individual as well as those around me.

Activities and then reflecting on them.

Practical Sessions which were used to illustrate various points – These are very memorable.

If you think your leadership team could benefit from our programme or workshops then contact us to talk about your requirements.

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