Partner with us

Why are we looking for partners?

During times of tight budgets and packed curricula, schools and colleges are having to focus their efforts on core subjects and funding essentials (like teachers and TA’s!).  As a consequence, they cannot afford external suppliers to enrich their curriculum as much as they used to. 
We know how beneficial our workshops are for all age groups and feedback from teachers and students agree. 
So we are looking for partners to support our work in education.

Whats in it for you?

By partnering with us you could help us deliver workshops to more young people across the UK with the benefits to you including :-

  • Deliver part/all of your outreach and corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives
  • Raise your company’s profile locally, regionally or nationally (full branding opportunities available)
  • Engage potential future employees in your area of work
  • Develop the skills you need in young people in a fun and engaging way
  • Develop skills that improve work-readiness and awareness
  • Using our excellent workshops and facilitators so you can focus on your business
  • As much or as little involvement in developing and running the workshops as you would like
Partner with us

How could you support us?  Here a few ideas…

Quark Package

Support workshops in a school or college local to you developing young people and raising your business’ profile locally

Lepton Package

Donate or help to buy equipment or resources for our workshops, help more young people learn with you support

Electron Package

Support several workshops or programmes, in local schools or colleges developing skills in young people and widen your business’ profile

Proton Package

We are passionate about increasing the number of girls that choose STEM careers. Help us do this by support girl-only sessions or places for girls on our workshops.

Atomic Package

Support a programme of workshops regionally and nationally, developing skills in many young people and promoting your company over a wide area

Neutron Package

Support us at an exhibition or event, or use our activities to increase footfall and engagement at your stand.

Why choose Skill Supply as a partner?

Skill Supply have been delivering their workshops in schools since 2014 delivering learning through experience.

  • Trusted and valued by teachers and staff, our workshops are developed using our vast experience and linked to the curriculum, OFSTED and GATSBY benchmarks
  • Experience of successfully working with external partners to deliver their objectives within budgets and on time
  • The UK’s leading user of Drones in education
  • A wide range of Science, Technology , Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshops for all age groups.
  • Our workshops are fun and engaging whilst developing important skills including, team working, resilience, communication, leadership and confidence 
Partner with us
If you are interested in helping us develop skills in young people, please get in touch for a no obligation chat contact@skillsupply.co.uk or call 01270 748415.