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Skill Supply for Team Working

At the heart of all great organisations is great team working.

Skill Supply work with all age groups to see these behaviours develop and flourish as early as possible. In a higher education setting we relate the practical experiences we provide, through workshops and activities, to teams and groups students will go on to work in.

Early on in University or College life the ability to work in teams is key. Later when looking for further study and employment it is vital. A good understanding of team-working, the impact they will have on existing and newly formed teams will lead students to be more conscious of an employers real concerns in taking on any new staff.

Our sessions are designed to be active and where students learn through experience. Hands on activities and workshops provide a great insight and facilitated reviews provide opportunities for feedback and real understanding.

  • Understanding Teams and Teamwork
  • Feedback – Giving & Receiving (constructive collaboration)
  • Importance of communication in a team
  • Communication Skills
  • Performance reviews
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Practical exercises
  • Reflective thinking
Case Studies

Take a look above at some of the topics we can cover. Don’t se what you need? Drop us a line to see how we can design a session just for you.

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