Looking for a low-risk, high impact addition to your Key Stage 2
STEM curriculum?


Try our flexible online course that comes with all the kit you need for a hands-on engaging way to learn about coding and engineering.


Why choose our course?

Low-risk flexible purchase options

You can purchase the course and kit for anywhere from a half-term to a year.  Return the kit at the end for a refund of your deposit price, or you can keep it and continue your learning.


Independent or group learning

Students can learn independently via the course with very little teacher input required, or can be part of a group learning together.


Tried and tested

Feedback on our online course from teachers, students and parents has been great.


Curriculum and Skills-Builder links

The course links to many areas of the Science, DT and computing  as well as exploring engineering. It would make a great afterschool STEM or code club.  It also develops some great skills detailed in the Skills-Builder.


Low level teacher input

Example session plan / “How To” guide.  Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Built-in.  Printable certificates and downloads.


Developed and supported by experts

Developed and supported by our team who have been delivering this course successfully in schools and online with KS2 for several years. You will have access to our support when you need it.

What are the benefits for your students?

Bite-sized sessions

Hands-on learning through fun!

Life Skills

like problem-solving, visualising, resilience and creativity

Introduces future careers

Engineering, IT, technology, electronics, design and more…

Discover how things work

and how the components are used in everyday life

What do you get?

All the kit you need

Various size options of class bundles of the Crumble microcontroller, switch, LED lights, servos, motors & wheels, light and ultrasonic sensors that are re-usable between classes.

4 Different Courses

An introduction course delivers all the basics then the next three courses build on this, introducing motors, servos and sensors. The final course uses detective skills to find and fix faults combining all the learning.

Video learning

Over 20 short videos per course that talk/show learners each step.  Pause, rewind, fast-forward and re-watch as many times as they like.


Maker Projects and Ideas

Over 40 different maker projects available throughout the course but the possibilities are limitless once you have learned the basics!

And more...

On each course there are extension projects and quizzes.  We even provide certificates to award.


A course suitable for Year 3 onwards

We have had Year 3 and above enjoy this program of courses in class and independently.




What it’s all about…

Course Contents and Curriculum links

Features of the Courses

The Four Courses

Course Options

Kit + Access for Half a Term

Perfect for a school STEM project and to get started
e.g. British Science/Engineering or Computer Science weeks

Kit + Access for 1 Term

Widen STEM participation and learning,
e.g. extend projects using lights, switches and sensors.

Kit + Access for 2 Terms

Deepen the learning further and develop projects
e.g. introduce motors, wheels and servos.

One Year Access + Keep the Kit

Great for cross-curricular projects and multiple builds with longer-term development of ideas.

If you need some advice or have any questions just drop us a line for a no obligation chat…

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