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We have some great active Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sessions that add to your curriculum.

Skill Supply for Science Skills

At Skill Supply we have two qualified scientists who have had careers in this sector for many years. Liz is also a qualified Science teacher and as part of our courses we had to introduce some science in as it is one of our passions!

Science days can include:
Science Skills

Looking at our superhero powers and those in the world around us. From bug hunting to lasers to bubbles and flying.

Science Skills

How do objects fly and move, is air really that powerful? Conduct experiments, make measurements and draw conclusions.

Science Skills

Understand how drones fly, what they can be used for and learn to program/code them to overcome challenges. Work as a team to develop engineering habits of mind. At the core is “making things that work and making things work better”.

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We can run courses on all areas of science skills either as a half-day, day or as an extension in an after-school club. Just give us a call on 01270 748415 to discuss your needs or click on the button below.

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