Science of Us Workshops

Science of Us Workshops

Science of Us Workshops

Science of Us Workshops

The Science of Us…

At Skill Supply our directors have both had long careers in science and education before starting the company.

Between them, they have over 40 years laboratory experience which they love to share in engaging and memorable ways.  So our science workshops aren’t ‘mad’ or ‘whacky’ they’re real !

In our workshops the children carry out the experiments, testing, measuring and recording for themselves.  Hands-on learning where pupils make their own discoveries to stimulate their learning and interest in STEM.

Our super engaging, sometimes messy, experiments use real lab equipment.  Encompassing biology, physics and chemistry in an accessible way linked to the National Curriculum and Ofsted.

We have five ‘Science of Us’ workshops to choose from

  • Making Marvellous Medicines

  • Colourful Concoctions

  • Dynamic Digestion

  • Microbes Buddies or Bullies

  • Youth First Aid

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