Sphero Fun and Maths Learning in Scotland

This week we have been delighted to be able to recommence our primary school delivery in Dumfries and Galloway.  We were able to showcase Colours, Shapes and Numbers, Sphero Golf and Mars Mazes in Sandhead Primary and in their partner Primary school in Drummore we delivered an additional session on coding as well as a Chariot Engineering session.

Linking the sessions to Maths the pupils were amazed at how much fun could be had using the  the robots.  Teacers also gained a great deal of insight on how we use them and the materials we can provide ahead of their order of Sphero Bolts arriving. 

Feedback from the learners and staff was super. 

Using both SPRK+ and Bolt versions of Sphero children in the younger year groups developed an understanding of how the technology responded to providing instructions by drawing on the Edu app.  They discussed and tested different shapes and colours, distances and speeds as well as working ion their number formation.

In older years some simple code was used and adapted to determine the time and speed required to make different shots around our golf course.  Collecting and calculating their scores also led to more opportunities to develop their maths skills.

Using knex to plan, build test and race chariots driven by the Sphero developed lots of engineering skills including problem-solving, adapting, improving as well as costing.  Every component used had a cost associated leading to maths to determine the overall build cost. 

Was the Ferrari or the Nissan that faired better in the straight-line drag race and did it corner well on the oval race track?  Why not book a session with us and see for yourself!

Take a look at the photos and feedback below from these sessions. If you’d like to discuss how we can work with you as a partner or come and deliver at your school drop us a line.



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