Stop Motion Animation: A great day of hands-on curriculum learning

We had a brilliant time working with the Year 3 class at High Legh Primary School this week.  The day very much put the T into the STEM theme with Stop Motion Animation.

The children started the session by setting up the tablet computers, software and camera needed for Stop Motion Animation.  They had a quick introduction to build on their knowledge of animation and off they went with the first animation of the day.


To learn the basics of Stop Motion Animation, we used pencil, paper and pen. This led to a good understanding in terms of zoom, focus, and how to increase the smoothness of their work.  The next session was to plan their longer movie and capture their thoughts in writing and pictures to make a simple story board.  Once planning was complete they set their stages with backgrounds and collected materials to animate their Stop Motion Animation.

After lunch, the movie-making began.  With more than an hour to animate, learn more about editing, thousands of frames were captured. 

The final session was devoted to adding titles, credits, sound effects and theme music to their masterpieces.  we even had time to showcase a few of their examples.

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Some children attending our after-school STEM Skill Club got to do even more animation as it is this half-term’s theme!

We captured a couple of photos (with permission) when children were at break and from their twitter feed (opposite).  If you’d like to discuss how we can work with you as a partner or come and deliver a Stop Motion Animation workshop at your school drop us a line.

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About Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation educational workshops give children the opportunity to make their own creative movies. 
They learn how to take photos of things that they want to animate, how to edit them and add sounds and special effects.

Stop Motion Animation is a great way to learn how to use technology. Children get to be creative in their story telling and bring inanimate objects to life in their own way. These workshops teach children how to take a good photo, making sure the lighting and camera controls are correct, how to make their animations come to life and how to edit their movies to add sound and special effects.

We use our workshops to develop a desire to learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and how it is used in everyday life.  Alongside this we know that by taking part in STEM activities students develop other skills such as team working, communication, problem-solving, resilience and much more.

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